(Fly-rod Pike by Toston.)

John Foster fly-fishes over two hundred days a year, through thick and rain, even snow won’t stop his constant craving to be a greater part of the rivers in Montana. He is best known for his wooly bugger technique (the ‘Foster twitch’ as he calls it) has been known to catch more then seventy fish in one day. Living in Bozeman for over thirty years has allowed John to discover new untapped fishing territory; be it from an old farmer friend or a busy highway bridge, he knows where the fish are, and the fishermen are not.

John Clay Foster is John’s middle son, who has a creative degree in English from the University of Montana. In fact he is writing this right now. Drowned three times, once rescued by his mother two months pregnant. He enjoys comfort in small things, green tiles in the shower, fishing alone, broken windows of old homes. If he could be any tree, it would be a pine or some giant spruce….. Sometimes he catches more fish then his father.

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Have fun.

  • Aldefor

    nice, wonderful blog!
    I am a brazilian flyfisherman…I´ll flyfish around Bozeman and Ennis next August.
    Would you mind to give me some tips about flies (NYMPHS) for the Madison, Middle Yellowstone and Upper Gallatin?

  • TN

    Having fished with one of the two Johns, I am relatively conscious of his acumen with a rod. Never a dull moment, eh, John!? When’s the next carrot juice diet?


  • Nancy

      Can’t believe all the beautiful places you fish, very cool to watch !!!

  • Thomasmoi

    your videos are bad to the bone! I’m watching them all the way from Arkansas, the only kind of fly fishing we have is for trout! Love y’alls videos! Keep up the good work!

  • john foster

    Thanks Thomas!  Let us know if you have any requests.